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Get to know us and what we do

Laura Grazioli


Hi! I’m Laura, licensed and registered dietitian and toddler mom. 


I was born in a small town in New York and spent the first ten years of my life there before my parents moved us to South Florida to be closer to our family. Growing up in an italian american household, it was all about family. Weekdays were spent riding bikes over to our cousin’s house and weekends were spent out in the garden with my grandmother, learning how to grow vegetables and later, how to cook them. “Just a splash of olive oil, four perfectly sliced cloves of garlic, and simmer over medium heat.” If I close my eyes, I can vividly remember the cooking classes that would take place in my grandmother’s tiny, scorchingly hot New York kitchen.


It’s no surprise that I grew up loving food- going to the store to purchase it, cooking it, and eating it. I spent hours in the kitchen experimenting with new recipes and forcing everyone in my house to try my new creations. I always thought food would be nothing more than a hobby of mine, as my career goal was to become a physician. 


After high school, I attended the University of Miami where I received a Bachelor of Science in biology. My plan was to take a year “off” after graduation to study for the MCAT and get a Master’s Degree. My journey took me back to New York, when I was accepted into New York University’s Master of Public Health program. Upon looking at the course catalog, I decided my public health focus would be nutrition. Food Science 101 and Food Management? Sign me up! After two weeks in the program, medical school was a distant memory and I was officially on the road to becoming a registered dietitian. 


I’ll never forget the call to my parents, “a what? What’s a dietitian? Can you even get a job doing that?” I ended up completing the didactic program in dietetics at New York University and returned to my alma mater to complete a Master of Public Health at the University of Miami and a Master of Science in Dietetics and Nutrition at Florida International University. 


Throughout my graduate studies and after I completed internship rotations in a hospital setting, a long term acute care facility, a residential eating disorder center, and my favorite of all- a nonprofit organization that provided services to underprivileged, pregnant women. Clinical and long term acute care? Interesting, but not my passion. I found myself so excited to go to work with my eating disorder patients and expectant mothers. 


Once I completed the dietetic internship, I decided to start a practice. After 5 years of being in practice and having seen many clients with different nutritional goals and needs, I decided to work in the fields which I’m most passionate about- prenatal nutrition and eating disorders.


Pregnant women who want to learn how to eat to grow a baby and feel great while doing so. I work with soon-to-be moms who:

  • want to feel good about their bodies (physically & mentally) during pregnancy 

  • want to trust their bodies and feel confident that their food choices are supporting their growing baby

  • wants a realistic approach to eating well to grow her baby so she can go through pregnancy without having to obsess over food


Men and women with eating disorders who want to heal their relationship with food. I work with eating disorder clients to:

  • face food fears 

  • learn how to honor their bodies 

  • find peace with food.

Who I work with

Hillary Joblove


Hillary Joblove, RD, LDN is a practicing Registered Dietitian and Florida State-Certified Dietitian/Nutritionist.  Hillary earned her undergraduate degree in psychology from Emory University. She went on to complete her degree in clinical nutrition and dietetics at New York University. There, she completed her Dietetic Internship at Mount Sinai Beth Israel Hospital. After moving to Florida, ​Hillary worked as a Dietitian at Delray Medial Center providing medical nutrition therapy for gastrointestinal and cardiovascular disease, diabetes, oncology and critical care. She then focused on counseling and educating patients with renal disease at DaVita.


Hillary’s mission is to combine her strong foundation in science with her love of exercise and healthy cooking to encourage wellness through personalized nutrition counseling, simple meal planning, and sustainable lifestyle adjustments. By working with clients to develop individualized plans and goals, Hillary’s aim is to take the mystery out of how to make healthy eating easy and delicious. Hillary is passionate about inspiring her clients to eat real, unprocessed foods, move more and have fun in the process.


Who I work with

Men and women who:

  • want to live a healthier and more balanced lifestyle 

  • want to lose, maintain or gain weight to improve their health 

  • want to fuel their bodies to optimize fitness performance 

  • have chronic health conditions and need help managing symptoms 

  • are interested in nutrition and would like to learn more


Adolescents who: 

  • are struggling with food choices and would like nutrition guidance

  • are going off to or coming home from college and would like nutrition advice to live a healthy lifestyle

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